Extract data from web pages

Web data extraction is the process of taking data from web pages and converting the unstructured results into an Excel file or a database.

Using its automatic navigation, WinTask can launch the URL to load, send a UserId and an encrypted password (if it’s a secure site), conduct searches, and navigate to the different pages where some field contents are to be extracted. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the supported browsers.


  • Aggregate Real Estate Info
  • Automate your favorite searches on eBay and extract prices
  • Clip News Articles
  • Extract Gambling Odds
  • Create Alerts from Trading Sites
  • Build your personal Product Catalog gathering information from several websites
  • Automate Search Ad Listings
  • Collect Data from Competitors

Are you wasting too much time and money manually collecting information from the Internet? WinTask is able to collect data from anywhere on the Internet and extract selected content from the targeted web pages.

Loops, conditions, and error handling allow a tremendous flexibility and ensure a reliable extraction even running unattended, such as overnight.

In addition, you can use WinTask in the opposite way: it can read the content of an Excel file or a database, automatically fill a Web form, click the Submit button and keep looping until the last record is read.

Watch the Tutorial: Extract Data from a Web page