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What's new in this Version Patch notes and new features - Release Version History
Overview This section describes WinTask uses, how to install the product, what are the system requirements, and when you have finished to evaluate, how to purchase the software.
Getting Started Let's get your script up an running.
Creating and Running a Script WinTask includes a Recording mode that lets you record user actions in the form of script functions and generate automatically the automation script.
Editing a Script WinTask Editor provides advanced features for editing scripts generated by Recording mode or for writing directly the code using WinTask scripting language.
Capturing Data WinTask provides advanced features for capturing data in a Windows application or in a webpage. OCR can be used too to capture data embedded in a graphics.
Web Automation WinTask is able to automatize any Windows applications or web pages or a mix of both.
Enhancing Scripts WinTask includes a number of features that help you improve your scripts instead of just use Recording mode.
Scheduling Scripts WinTask includes a Scheduler and you can schedule a script which starts at scheduled time even with no user logged in. You can too use the Windows Task Scheduler included in Windows but this one needs a user already logged in.
Language Reference WinTask provides a simple but powerful language for automating Windows applications and websites. This language is similar in many respects to the VB™ programming language.
Video Tutorials These tutorial videos will walk you step-by-step through performing common automation tasks using WinTask.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Books Downloadable WinTask .pdf documentation