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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers. If you have a question that has not been answered, please contact us.

My license isn't working:

Please make sure you are connected to our licensing server and you allow connection through your local or company firewall.

The licensing server address is:
Available port (TCP): 80

If you are not able to perform these actions or you do not have an online connection on that machine then you should request an offline activation.

How to request an offline activation:

Follow the steps highlighted in the images below then send the requested information to





I want to move my existing license form computer A to computer B.

Before changing machines please provide us with the local license key. You can find it by selecting Help in WinTask, then About. Afterwards, copy the local license key to clipboard. Send us an email with your request to and make sure to also paste in the local license key.


If access to the data is lost (broken HDD, deleted files etc.) please provide us in an email to the following details:

  • Order confirmation email - to know the name and company/email.
  • Invoice.
  • Date of purchase.
  • License type - WinTask, Runtime or WinTask Pro.
  • Number of licenses for each type.
  • Period of subscription.
  • Online License Key (WTAK...)
I want to extend my subscription on an offline activated machine:

Please send us your subscription receipt or order confirmation email and LOCAL KEY to . Local key can be copied from Help in WinTask -> About. We will extend it manually and then send you your new local key.

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If you cannot access WinTask any more, press Win + R, then type in %programdata%. Inside the WinTask folder you will find a file called license.dat, which contains the local key. This type of folder can be opened with notepad.

What is the difference between WinTask, RunTime and WinTask Pro?

WinTask is short for WinTask Developer’s Kit, it can record your actions, create scripts and run them.

RunTime is used for secondary machines and can only run already created .rob files (scripts)

WinTask Pro is a business oriented version of WinTask that can create stand-alone .exe files which can be run on an unlimited number of machines without requiring them to have WinTask or RunTime installed.

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Can I automatically launch a script on a specific date or time?

If you are under Windows XP or 2003, use the Scheduler included in WinTask full version (the Scheduler is not included in WinTask Lite). Under Windows 7 64 bit/Windows 8 64 bit/Windows 2008 64 bit/Windows 10 64  bit, use the Scheduler included in WinTask x64.

What can I automate?

You can automate all applications under Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 (as well as software running within a DOS box and emulators).

How can I write intelligent scripts if I’m not a developer?

You can write scripts in the the WinTask language, which is similar to Visual Basic (the comprehensive tutorial include instructions.) Or you can tell us about your requirements, and we will write the script for you as an additional service. Wintaskoffers custom development worldwide and in-person training in Europe.

What is your privacy policy?

It’s our policy not to share or sell your e-mail address with any third-party. We value your privacy and want to build a relationship by gaining your trust and satisfaction.

Can I develop an application and have it run on 50 users’ PCs?

Absolutely. Buy WinTask Pro or a development pack with licensing for 50 RunTimes. Please inquire about the sliding scale cost for licensing.

As a software developer, can I create scripts to automate my software package?

Yes, you can simulate the use of your software in an intelligent way: selection in menus, batch files, fast key input, and much more. When distributing the installation script, you distribute too the WinTask files needed for script execution (without installing on each PC). Please inquire about the special WinTask runtime license for automatic software installation.

Does your firm offer development services using WinTask?

Absolutely. Tell us about your requirements, and we will write the script for you as an additional service. Wintaskoffers custom development worldwide and in-person training in Europe.

How can I use WinTask as a stress testing tool?

Two ways : you can run your script on n individual PCs, or you can simulate a lot of users on a Citrix MetaFrame server with Scapa technology and WinTask as the scripting tool ; see

Can I use WinTask to launch actions on keystrokes?

Yes, with OnAction statement, a script can be launched when the user presses a specified key (or a combination of keys).

Can I use WinTask to automate the management of my PCs?

Yes, WinTask copies files, displays messages to users, analyzes the presence or the launch of an application, and checks its version. It detects the hour system, the dates of a file or a directory, follows the actions carried out by the users, and acts accordingly.

What if I use the product for 15 days and decide that it’s not for me?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

What currency do you accept?

Prices are in US dollars. If you desire to pay in Euros, please contact us at for prices.

Can I fax my order?

No, sorry we do not have anymore a fax machine. Thanks to send your order by email at

Install new software on thousands of PCs with your company's unique configuration and data already included.

Automate the installation of several small programs into one installation application for distribution
“I automate the installation of several small programs into one installation application for distribution on all our ships. With the silent runtime that you provide, I can distribute the scripts along the necessary WinTask files.”

“I use Wintask to do some desktop customization, for example in Windows XP, I have one custom settings that I want to do automatically. Wintask software clicks on the Start Menu > Control Panel > Folder Options > View > Do Not cache thumbnails and then clicks on Apply.”

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