Easy Programming Language

WinTask offers you access to the raw code of the automation meaning you can edit and implement virtually anything in your automation. 


The language used is very easy to read and understand even for those that never coded before. 

All the functions in WinTask are grouped on the right tab of the main window, have their own wizard that creates the code for you exactly for your need. And the fact that there is actual code generated makes it extremely accessible for you to adapt it to any situation. 

To learn more about a function, you can either press F1 while typing a function and a help page with a complete tutorial, syntax walkthrough and examples of the function will pop up on your screen. Alternatively you can select the function you want to use or are curious about, click Help, and then be redirected to it's tutorial page. 

If you are a programmer and intend to use WinTask, then any automation in the world becomes possible.

The functions can be modified to interact with any HTML division, index, elements, anchors, data structures, forms and basically anything that exists in the page. If something can't be identified as intended in an application or a web page then our OCR and Image Recognition features will make sure that even those elements can be automated.