Questions for a new deployment of WinTask

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Questions for a new deployment of WinTask

Postby Edwin on Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:53 pm

We are going to start a new deployment of WinTask in which We expect to create up to 140 Scripts and run them on different Operating Systems.

I worked with another Scripting Tools/Mechanism to record Synthetic Transactions such as “Test Partner” and “IBM RTT” but I am new to WinTask.

After reading some of your documentations, I have some questions for you:

Assuming the target OS of the dedicated Workstations in which the Scripts will run is Windows:

1. Can the Workstations have the screen locked, I mean, can the screensaver be active or must it be unlocked forever instead ?

2. Can We access to the Workstations via RDP (Terminal Services) or must We access via VNC or another kind of remote terminal SW ?
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Re: Questions for a new deployment of WinTask

Postby TechSupport on Thu Nov 12, 2015 11:23 am


if the scripts use windows interactions, then you need a desktop and the PC cannot be locked. You can run the scripts in a unlocked VM while the main machine is locked.

RDP uses its own desktop which prevents any user interaction as soon it is minimized or disconnected, so avoid RDP and use instead other remote software such as VNC which does not have this limitation.

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