Logic when a webpage displays a warning

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Logic when a webpage displays a warning

Postby Edwin on Thu Jan 10, 2013 11:56 am

We are trialing Wintask and are stuck as we are unable to get past a problem, which we think it could possibly resolve.

I wish to export and save data from a website to a file, this is fine when there is data to save.

The problem occurs when there is no data to save, the webpage puts up a warning

"No data could be located."

What I was hoping to achieve was to create some logic that would run the data export query and if the page reports: "No data could be located." it would close the browser if there is data to export then save that data to a file and move on.

Any hints or tips here would be appreciated.
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Re: Logic when a webpage displays a warning

Postby TechSupport on Mon Jan 14, 2013 10:19 am


You need to use ExistHTMLElement function. With Spy tool, you paste the html descriptor for "No data could be located" as argument for the ExistHTMLElement, and then you can use an If
If ExistHTMLElement[.....] = 1 then

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