Error ExecExcelMacro

Advanced programming using WinTask scripting language

Error ExecExcelMacro

Postby cvbusa on Fri Jul 14, 2017 4:15 am

HI ... long time since I have been on the forum.

I just started testing running a complex Excel Macro (takes several minutes to complete) ---
reads a 250 line text file with 60 columns into Excel
creates 16 different worksheets
creates a hyperlinked index worksheet
creates/saves 3 different *.xlsx files as final output

Everything seems to happen fine until the very end when creating the last .xlsx output file (incomplete) and I get the error in the attachment.

Any tips or hints about what is going wrong?

Thanks ... Charles

The attachment WinTask-ExecExcelMacro-error-2017-07-13_200412.png is no longer available
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