inserting variables into a string

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inserting variables into a string

Postby thissisnate on Sat Jul 30, 2016 1:23 am

WriteHTML("INPUT TEXT[ID= 'CoverageRowView-input',INDEX= '2']", cc1$ (i))

I need to replace the 2 in INDEX= '2' with an i so that my loop will work correctly. I have tried INDEX= '"+i+'" but it does not work. The loop likes the below

WriteHTML("INPUT TEXT[ID= 'CoverageRowView-input',INDEX= 'i']", cc1$ (i))
Pause 5 seconds
WriteHTML("INPUT TEXT[ID= 'CoverageRowView-']", payroll1$ (i))
WriteHTML("INPUT TEXT[ID= 'CoverageRowView-']", nEE1$ (i))

'ClickHTMLElement("DIV[OUTERTEXT= '']", nEE1$ (i))
until cc1$ (i)=" "
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