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Salesforce Login

Postby OldGeek on Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:56 am

I am new to WinTask. I'm trying to automate some steps on but I can seem to get past the login screen. I can't seem to locate the username field, I have no problem locating the password field and the Login Button. I used the Spy tool but it also could not find the field. I have attach a screen shot of IE using the "Inspect Element" feature. I also included the code for the login.

Any help would be great. Thank You

'StartBrowser("IE", "", 1)

UsePage(" - Customer Secure Login Page")

#ActionTimeout= 5

' Click on icon on a person
ClickHTMLElement("IMG[SRC= '']")
WriteHTML("INPUT TEXT[NAME= 'username']", "JohnDoe")

' Click on the icon of a lock
ClickHTMLElement("IMG[SRC= '']")
WriteHTML("INPUT Password[NAME= 'pw']", "SecretPassword")

' Click on the Log in area / button
'ClickHTMLElement("SPAN[OUTERTEXT= 'Log in to Salesforce']")
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Re: Salesforce Login

Postby TechSupport on Thu Apr 09, 2015 9:19 am


INPUT EMAIL tag is not yet supported, it will be supported in version 5.2, our next version. Here is the trick in version 5.1 :
StartBrowser("IE", "", 1)

UsePage(" - Customer Secure Login Page")
WriteHTML("INPUT Password[NAME= 'pw']", "SecretPassword")
SendKeys("<Shift <Tab>>")
Pause 10 ticks

Best regards.
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