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WinTask version 4.0 released

Postby admin on Mon Apr 08, 2013 9:28 am

WInTask 4.0 is now released. The new features are:

Windows 8 (desktop version) is supported in version 4.0. The modern UI (Metro) is not supported.
Internet Explorer 10 is supported in version 4.0. Enhanced Protected Mode must not be checked in Internet Options/Advanced Tab as this enhanced protected mode prevents addon to be loaded.

Spy tool has been redesigned. It returns now the different HTML descriptors which can be used in Web WinTask functions. The Capture button has been removed in Spy dialog box, use Capture wizard instead for capturing data.

<Win> mnemonic key has been added for the left Windows key.

#BitmapPrecision new system variable (not available in WinTask Lite) specifies how closely the found image must match the input image in Pause on Bitmap and ClickOnBitmap functions.

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