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WinTask and WinTask x64 5.2 new version

Postby admin on Thu Oct 08, 2015 10:32 am

Released October 2015 :

In the 64 bit version, one more function has been added for manipulating listboxes and comboxes exposed to UI Automation framework:
SelectUIAItem, selects an item in a list or combo specified by its UIA descriptor

Recording mode switches to UI Automation recording (UIA) when the action to record is done within a NETUIHWND window class, or a DIRECTUIHWND window class or a WPF window class. Select Configure/Recording menu to uncheck UIA Recording mode checkbox in Configure Recording dialog box to switch back to the previous mode of recording in those window classes.

ClickOnBitmap wizard has an additional Check button : when clicking this Check button, the mouse moves to the bitmap which will be clicked at replay. Use this Check button when you change the Confidence threshold value.

The new function GetWindowChildrenList returns the names and handles of the child windows of the specified parent window.

A new field Compiled scripts folder (.ROB) in Configure/Run dialog box allows to specify a different folder for .ROB than the one for .SRC. Click Browser button to choose the folder for .ROB. By default, source scripts (.SRC) and compiled scripts (.ROB) are in the same folder. The .LST (compilation listing) files stay in the same folder as the SRC.

The minor fixes/enhancements included in version 5.2 are listed below:
•TaskSync (module used in the Pause blocks) was sometimes crashing when used within a web page.
•Taskx64 module was sometimes crashing due to a race condition.
•Recording mode in IE puts now the lines generated in a 64 bit window at the correct place in the script.
•ClickMouse function supports the new keywords Shift+Left and Ctrl+Left, Shift+Right and Ctrl+Right.
•New HTML 5 tags are now supported : INPUT EMAIL, INPUT TEL, INPUT NUMBER.
•Chrome extension ignores now the ERR_ABORTED navigation error.
•A deadlock between TaskSync and Taskx64 modules is fixed.
•UsePage function searches for the specified page title and for the specified url if an url is specified instead of a page title.
•Scheduler Holidays List now uses Date settings from Regional language settings (Scheduler is available only in WinTask x64).

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