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Why my Scheduled Task did not Run

WinTask x64 Scheduler is a Windows service called WTScheduler.

If none of your scheduled tasks start, you have first to check that WTScheduler service is installed properly:
When you install WinTask x64 Scheduler, you must have administrator rights, and the software must be installed directly from the PC (it cannot be installed remotely). Reboot the PC to be sure that the WTScheduler Service starts and check in Windows Services list that WTScheduler Service is started. 

If you are using Remote desktop, the Remote desktop session must not be disconnected, but logged off. When using Remote desktop, only WinTask x64 Scheduler can log in opening its own desktop, then the scheduled task runs and then WinTask x64 Scheduler logs off. Remote desktop uses its own desktop which prevents any interactive task to work properly if the Remote desktop session is active/minimized.

WTScheduler service is correcly installed and started, but your scheduled task did not start

To understand what can happen, create a simple task, for instance, a script just launching notepad, so the SRC file would have just one line:

Run this test script and so you will have the .ROB file.

In Scheduler window, schedule a new task which runs this script once in 5 minutes.

Test first this simple task by right clicking the task and in the context menu, select Run. The task should run immediately and you see notepad started.

Schedule now this simple task to start in 5 mns. Stay in front of the PC in order to see the task starting when it's time. If the task does not start, the reason why it did not is written in Event log. To call Event Log, click Application Log in Scheduler window, and in Event Log window, double click Windows Log and then Applications. In Applications log, double click the WTScheduler lines, it reports all the events from WTScheduler Service. If there is an error, the error message is written and you can see the error code.

If you still don't understand why the simple task is failing, contact us.