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The SendEmail function sends an email using the SMTP outgoing mail server defined in WinTask x64 Scheduler email notification.


Used to perform notifications, for example if the script fails.


ret = SendEmail(<from>, <to>, <subject>, <message_text> [, <attachments> [, <cc>]])


<from>. string, email address of the email sender.

<to>. string, email address of the recipient.

<subject>, string, subject of the message.

<message_text>, string, body part of the message. The maximum length for the body part as a simple string is 80 characters. For a longer body text, use a file: if the first character of the string is the ! character, the message is the content of the file specified by the filename after this ! character.

<attachments>, optional string, one or several filenames to attach (the ; character is the separator if several files are specified). If the first character is the ! character, the unique filename specified behind this character is used to send all the files which are listed line by line in this metafile.

<cc>, optional string, email addresses that the message should be sent "carbon-copies" to.

Return value

ret, optional integer return value. If the function succeeds, the return value is 0. If the function fails, the return value is a nonzero value (see System Functions Error Codes).


Generate the SendEmail syntax using its wizard: in the Language pane of the WinTask x64 Editor, double-click the SendEmail function name to start the wizard (if the Language pane is not displayed, press F4 or select Insert/Statement menu).

The SMTP mail server settings are defined in Scheduler, Email notification Tab.


'Send a simple email.
info@gmail.com","order@gmail.com","Meeting today","The meeting today is at 8 am")

'Send a longer email witht the body text in a file.
info@gmail.com","order@gmail.com","Read this","!C:\bodymail.txt")

'Send an email with attachments listed in a metafile text file.
'c:\metafileemail.txt for example lists those 4 files
'c:\program files (x86)\wintask\scripts\my_script.src
'The SendEmail line below sends as attached files the 4 files above.
info@gmail.com","order@gmail.com","Test metafile","Please save the attached files","!C:\metafileemail.txt")