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Scheduler Options

Select the Scheduler options tab in the Scheduler main window to specify general parameters for the WinTask x64 Scheduler.

The Default account field specifies the context security in which tasks will be launched if the context is not specified in the Security tab for a specific task.

The Start service at boot checkbox specifies whether the WTScheduler service will be started automatically at boot time or not.

The Icon present in the taskbar checkbox specifies whether the Scheduler icon will be displayed in the system tray or not.

The Log only the errors in the journal checkbox specifies whether the Scheduler will record into the Windows 7/2008 Event log all the messages sent or only the errors.

The Define holidays list button specifies the list of days in a year which must be considered as holidays, and so those days, the tasks must not be run.

The After service has been started, wait for  field specifies how many minutes you want a task to wait before being launched if the WTScheduler service has just started. This allows you to be sure that Windows is in the proper state before the WTScheduler service begins launching tasks.

The Before killing a task, wait for field specifies an maximum delay before killing a task when the duration for that task has been exceeded. 

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