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Scheduler Error Codes

When a Scheduler error occurs, the error code for the WTScheduler service is displayed in Event Log, the Windows Logs/Application Log.

When a scheduled task has failed, in Last run result column, the error code is reported. If error code is 21, it means that the .ROB script has ended with errors. It's possible to see the full error message and the line which failed clicking Application log button. It opens Event Log, double-click Windows Logs and Application on the right pane and open the WTScheduler line for the script which failed.

 Error code Explanation 
 1  Can't create SchLogon process
 2  Can't create/write to SchLogon pipe
 3  Bad registry entries for SchLogon location
 4  Bad username
 5  LogonUser function failed
 6  Grant access to SchLogon failed
 7  Failed to open Winsta0
 8  Failed to open input desktop
 9      Failed to create new desktop
 10  Failed to switch desktop
 11  Failed to grant access to WSD
 12  Failed to create SchLogon process
 13  The SchLogon process has died unexpectedly
 14  Couldn't load user profile
 15  Couldn't open user token
 16  Couldn't logoff user
 17  There is a protected screen saver
 18  Couldn't find logon window
 19  Scheduler Indicator process not present
 20  Non interactive script has requested an UI command
 21  Error in script (the WinTask x64 script raised an error before its end)
 101  Can't open SchedSrv process
 102  Can't duplicate pipe handle
 103  Error reading pipe
 104  104 First timeout expired
 105  TerminateProcess called
 106  Bad registry entries
 107  Create task process failed
 108  Open window station WinSta0 failed
 109  Assign WinSta0 failed
 110  Create desktop failed
 111  Switch desktop failed
 112  Can't force new session
 113  Can't create user shell (Explorer)