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Scheduler Email Notification

Select the Email Notification tab in the Scheduler main window to specify how WinTask x64 Scheduler notifies the results of scheduled tasks by mail. The default is to never send an email. So fill the other fields only if you uncheck the Never radio button. 

Configure your outgoing email server through "Email Settings" groupbox:

In SMTP outgoing email server field, specify the url of your outgoing email server.
In Port field, leave the default value 25 unless your email administrator gives you another port value (if you use smtp.gmail.com as smtp server, the port is 587).
Check User authentication checkbox only if your email server requires that option. When checked, specify your username and password. Check Use Secure connection if your email server requires that option (gmail requires this checkbox checked).

Click Define email template button to define the properties of the email you want to send when a scheduled task ends. The "Email template" dialog box opens:

In From field, specify the email address which sends the email notification.

In To field, specify the email address to which the email will be sent.

In CC field, specify email addresses to which you want to copy the email.

In Subject field, type some text speciying the subject of the email.

If you check Include task name in subject checkbox, the email received will have the task name in its Subject field.

In Enter message below field, type whatever text you want to send in the email.

Check Include Event log information checkbox to include in the mail the results of the task execution (if the task has finished with an error, the Event log information includes the error code and the line in the script which returned the error).

Click OK to validate your choices, Cancel to cancel your choices or Help to see this topic.


Configure when you want to send an email through Scheduler through "Notification" groupbox:

If Never radio button is checked, an email is never sent (the default).

If For every task radio button is checked, an email is sent for every scheduled task at the end of its execution.

If For every task failing radio button is checked, an email is sent for every scheduled task which has failed.

If Only for those task failing radio button is checked, an email is sent for the tasks listed which has failed. Click Add task button to select in the list of scheduled tasks the ones you want to add in the list (use Shift and Control keys to select several tasks in one click).


Click OK button to save your changes, Cancel button to cancel your changes, Help button to display this topic.

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