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Scheduler Defining Task Properties, Schedule tab

Within the WinTask x64 Scheduler main window, create a new task by clicking the New task button, or select the Tasks|New menu. The "Task properties" window is then displayed.

If you modify a task by selecting it in the task list and right-click it, the same window is displayed.

The Schedule tab in this window defines when the task must be launched.

The Active checkbox indicates if the task is activated and can be executed.

Maximum duration indicates how long a task can run. If this maximum duration is exceeded, the task is killed. The default value is 0, meaning no maximum duration.

The Frequency field specifies if the task must be launched once, repeated every hour/day/week, repeated every month, or must be launched every time the PC reboots. On the right, Starting specifies the date and time for execution of the task.
For Repeat every:
Put 1 in field d and 0 in the other fields (h, mn and s) if you want the task to be launched every day at the time specified in Starting Time.
Put 0 in field d and 1 in the field h if you want the task to be launched every hour of every day, at the time specified in Starting Time.

With Exclusions, you can specify that the task must not be executed between certain times, or certain weekdays or certain holidays. For holidays, you can specify No holidays list, or you can use a Specific holidays list (click the Edit button for adding the specific days), or you can use the general Scheduler holidays list and the View list button allows you to display the general holidays list defined in Scheduler options tab.

NOTE : When an exclusive task has been delayed by another exclusive task still running, these exclusion ranges are not taken into account

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