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Scheduler Defining Task Properties

Using the WinTask x64 Scheduler main window, create a new task by clicking the New task button, or select the Tasks|New menu. The window "Task Properties" is then displayed.

If you modify a task by selecting it in the task list and right-click it, the same window is displayed.

This window defines the properties of the task to be launched.

The "task name" is defined in this dialog box and is required.

A task can be Interactive/exclusive or can be launched with no desktop needed. If the task is interactive/exclusive, the Scheduler can open a session (LOGON) with a new desktop if necessary then launch the task and close the session (LOGOFF). If a desktop is already opened when such an interactive task is started, a special parameter (in the Security tab) specifies if the task can be run in the current desktop or if a new session must be started with a new desktop. Two interactive/exclusive tasks cannot be launched at the same time. If an interactive/exclusive task is already running when another exclusive task should be started, the 2nd task is automatically delayed until the 1st is finished or the maximum duration has been reached.

If a task is launched as non-interactive, only scripts which do not need user interaction (or applications which do not need the Windows 7/2008 desktop) can be launched. In such a script, only certain WinTask x64 language functions are allowed (functions which do not require user interaction).

The Deactivate screen saver checkbox is used to deactivate the screen saver when a task is launched. For this deactivation to work, the screen saver must not require a password.

The Running mode field specifies if the application must be run maximized, minimized or normal. It is greyed if the task is a WinTask x64 script.

The Task type field specifies if the task is a WinTask x64 script (.ROB) or an other application (.EXE, etc.).

In the Command line field, you specify the name of the application to be launched. If the task is a script, the Browse button browses all the .ROB scripts available in the WinTask x64 Scripts subdirectory. The icon on the right (a wheel) can then be used to edit this script.

If the task is not a script, the command line must include the full path to the application to be launched.

This field is required.

In the Parameters field, you can include parameters for the application to be launched.

The Working directory field is optional. The Browse button displays the dialog box Select directory.

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