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Running a Script by Pressing a Key

It is possible to launch a script every time a specific key (or key combination) is pressed. OnAction WinTask x64 function is used for that.

This sample script Launcher.src runs the script called "message" each time you press Alt + F10.

'Definition of the subroutine which must be executed every time the specified key is pressed
    'In this example, the script named in variable script1$ is launched
    sub start_script1()

'Definition of the key to press for launching the script
    key_start1$="<Alt <F10>>"
'Name of the script to run (if not in the same directory, include the full path in the name)
'Definition of OnAction statement : every time the specified key is pressed, the sub-routine is launched
    OnAction start_key1s
    DoSub start_script1

'Script stays alive

You can set up the script Launcher.src to be launched at Windows startup (the 64 bit automation product is needed if your Windows is a 64 bit system):

While editing the script in the WinTask x64 editor, select the menu option File/Create desktop shortcut (on a 64 bit Windows, this menu option is available only with the 64 bit automation product). Move the shortcut from your desktop to the Windows Startup folder.

Remember, setting up a Launcher script this way does not launch the embedded script upon Windows startup; it merely tells WinTask x64 to listen for the shortcut key. The embedded script runs only if the shortcut key is pressed.

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