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Recording Scripts

Can I switch back and forth between various Windows and Web applications while recording?

Yes, Recording mode records your actions in any application and you can switch for example from a pure Windows application window to a browser window. 

Can I record actual delays between user actions?

Yes, check Insert Pause functions checkbox (menu Configure/Recording). If it is checked, WinTask records actual time between user actions and inserts it in the script as Pause xxx ticks (a tick is approximately 1/100 second). You can specify a value in Minimum wait time before inserting field to insert Pause only if the user pauses longer than this value.

Why WinTask sometimes use mouse coordinates when recording a script? I don't want to rely on coordinates.

If WinTask does not recognize the recorded object, Recording mode uses mouse coordinates to record the action on the object. However, relative coordinates to the top left corner of the object window are used and it should be reliable. For example, when it records clicks on a not recognized button, the coordinates are recorded relative to the button’s left top corner –they are not recorded relative to the desktop’s left top corner. If the object supports UI Automation, then use Spy tool to find its UIA descriptor and use it within WinTask UIA functions (available only in the 64 bit automation software).

Mouse coordinates are used too when the whole window is in fact just a bitmap, typically when the application is accessed using Remote desktop. 

Can I record a script to unlock my computer?

No but you can schedule your script using WinTask x64 Scheduler and its auto login feature : at scheduled time, WinTask x64 unlocks your computer, runs the script and locks it back (only WinTask x64 supports this feature).