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The Include function includes the contents of the specified script file in the calling script.


Used to organize subroutines definitions into include files and then use Include to add these definitions to any script.


    Include <script_to_include>


<script_to_include>, string, constant, source script to include at compilation in the calling script. If <script_to_include> is in the same folder as the calling script, the full path is not necessary ; if not, you must specify the full path for the included script. For example:
Include "C:\program files (x86)\my_scripts\my_script.src"
Relative paths are allowed:
Include ".\sub1\sub1script1.src"


The full long script with included scripts must keep the correct script structure:
first the Dim lines, second the Functions and Subs definitions and last the main program.

You need too to ensure that all the Subs/Functions are declared before using them in another Function/Sub. You have to ensure that there are not duplicate names. And for maintenance ease, we recommend that you use different parameters names within the different Functions/Sub.

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