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About the Editor Window

The Editor window is a 3 pane window:

In the left top window (main one), you write the source code of your script. By using Recording mode, you generate automatically the source code.

The pane on the right displays the list of functions available in WinTask x64. If the right pane is not displayed, you can click the Language  icon in Editor toolbar or you can press directly F4. In that Language pane, clicking Alphabetical Tab displays the list of all available WinTask x64 functions by alphabetical order - clicking By group Tab displays the list of functions by category. If you check Show Wizard checkbox, and then you click a function in the list, a wizard for this function is displayed which helps writing the syntax function. When you double click a function, the help on that function is displayed. A context menu is also available when you right click a function name in the Language pane. You can too access the help on a function by typing it in the main Editor window, and when the cursor is on the name, just press F1.

The bottom pane is the Ouput window, it shows the results of the compilation (when you click Play icon or select Start/Run menu to run the script, the source code is compiled).

You can reorganize the display of those windows using View menu:

The Edit menu includes the usual features of such a menu plus some specific to WinTask x64 which are:


Getting Help

To get online help for a term, move the cursor to this word and press F1. If a topic does not exist for the word, WinTask x64 displays the Welcome article.

Opening Multiple Scripts

You can open several scripts in the Editor window and organize them as you want. You can copy/paste from one script to another. And you can switch frome one to the other by pressing the small Tab with the corresponding name at the bottom of the main Editor window.

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