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What's new in this Version


Ajax automatic wait is added for Firefox and Chrome, it is not yet added for Internet Explorer : when a script starts to type into a web form and depending on what is typed, different ajax responses are displayed where a selection has to be done, the script execution waits automatically until the list is fully populated before selecting the item.

Chrome extension has been re-written to make it available in Chrome Web Store. Google does not allow anymore extensions which are not available in their store.

In bitmap/image wizards, a confidence recognition scale has been added, the default is 100% (so exact match). If you change the value and click Paste into the script, it inserts into the script the #BitmapPrecision line automatically.

In the 64 bit version, one more function has been added for manipulating listboxes and comboxes exposed to UI Automation framework:
SelectUIAItem, selects an item in a list or combo specified by its UIA descriptor.


The minor fixes/enhancements included in version 5.1 are listed below:


BUG in our Recorder when closing an IE 11 window in a Windows 64 bit:
IE11 main window is now a 64 bit window and our Recorder generates the CloseWindow 64 bit in the middle of all the other recorded actions 32 bit within IE. So the CloseWindow must be manually moved to the right place. This bug will be fixed in our next version.