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Web Automation Specific

WinTask is able to automatize any Windows applications or web pages or a mix of both.

Some automation techniques are specific for web pages and are explained in this chapter.

Internet Explorer version 8 or above (32-bit version) is needed for web automation. Note that the default Internet Explorer under a Windows 64-bit is the 32-bit version, and therefore it is the one used for automation. You can use too Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.

WinTask accesses to elements of web pages through Internet Explorer programming model (the DOM model) and so can access every P, DIV, IMG, INPUT and many other tags. For elements which cannot be accessed through their tags (such as Flash elements), you can still simulate keystrokes or mouse clicks by coordinates, or through WinTask OCR functions.

The following articles provide information for web automation with WinTask.

Introduction to Web Automation
    Demonstrates how a web automation script can be generated using Recording mode.

Web Synchronization
    Describes how a WinTask script waits until a web page is loaded.

Web Advanced Synchronization
    Gives advanced techniques for waiting until a part of a page or one element is loaded.

HTML Descriptor
    Explains how WinTask accesses the elements of a web page.

HTML Descriptor Advanced 
    Explains in details the syntax of an HTML descriptor.

How to Measure Response Time
    Demonstrates how to create a script measuring response times.

Data Driven Automation
    Explains how to create a script filling automatically a form with different input data read from Excel.