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Using Script Wizard

Recording mode within any software or Web page is a unique feature of WinTask.

When you have started Recording mode, all of your actions (menu selections, keystrokes, Web navigations, etc.) are automatically recorded into a WinTask script (a text file with the extension .SRC). Those actions are recorded in an object-oriented manner (the name of the menu option is recorded, not its absolute position), so whatever position/size of the application when you run the script, the actions are replayed properly.

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Video: How to use Your First Script Wizard for a Web program automation in Internet Explorer
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To record a script:

  1. Launch WinTask. "Your First Script Wizard" screen comes up, check either Start a Windows application and Record Actions or Start Internet Explorer and Record Actions or Start Mozilla Firefox and Record Actions or Start Google Chrome and Record Actions and click Next button.

  2. In "Give a name to Your Script" screen, type a name and click Next button.

  3. If in step 1, you checked Start a Windows application, the "Start a Windows application" screen is now displayed. In Program field, type the name of the program you want to launch, or click Browse button to select it. Click Next button.
    If in step 1, you checked Start Internet Explorer or Start Mozilla Firefox or Start Google Chrome, the "Start a Web site" screen is now displayed. In web url field, type the url that you want to load and click Next button.

  4. In "Record your actions" screen, click the  icon.  The specified application is started or the specified website is loaded and now all your actions are recorded to create the script. A small blinking icon appears in the System Tray (at the right or bottom end of your Windows taskbar) to remind you that all your actions are being recorded, and the WinTask toolbar is displayed (see below each icon within WinTask toolbar).

  5. Perform the actions you wish to record.

  6. Stop the recording by pressing the blinking WinTask icon at the bottom right of the taskbar, or click the first icon  in the WinTask toolbar.

  7.  "Your first Script Wizard" screen comes back, click Next button.

  8. In "Run Your Script" screen, click  icon, all your recorded actions are now replayed.

  9. At the end of the replay, the WinTask Editor window comes up, you can review the script which has been automatically generated.


The WinTask toolbar displayed during Recording

From the left to the right, it invokes:

   Stop Recording mode
   Start Spy
   Start Capture Wizard
   Synchronization on Text
   OCR Tools
   Synchronization on image
   Synchronization on window
   Synchronization on a period of time
   Synchronization on date/hour
   Wait for keyboard action
   Wait for menu action
   Wait for mouse action
   Insert lines into the script

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