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Running a Script by Clicking a Desktop Icon


To create a desktop icon that you can double-click in order to run a script, follow those steps:

In the WinTask Editor window, select Start/Compile only menu, or press  Control+F7.

  1. If the script has not yet been saved, the Save as dialog is displayed. Give the script a meaningful name and click Save.
  2. The Compilation dialog box is then displayed, the dialog box gives the name of the source file, the number of warnings and errors.
  3. If no errors are shown, just click Cancel and the .SRC file is now converted to a compiled .ROB file, ready for the desktop icon implementation.
  4. In the WinTask Editor window, select File/Create desktop shortcut. Only the 64 bit version of the automation software can create a desktop shortcut if you use a 64 bit Windows version.
  5. On your desktop, double-click the new icon (a red wheel with the script name) - script execution starts.

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