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Running a Script

You need to Run the Script in order to replay all the actions recorded using Recording mode.

Before running a recorded script, make sure it starts with the same initial conditions as the recording did. In order for the recorded script to function properly, make sure that the applications used in the script are in the same state as it was before the recording (for example, if the recorded cript launches IE and opens a web site, close the web site before running the recorded script).

This section includes the following articles:

    Explains the compilation process which transforms the plain-text .SRC script file into a compiled .ROB file, ready for execution.

Running a Script from the Editor
    Explains how to run scripts using WinTask's menu and toolbar items.

Running a Script by Clicking a Desktop Icon
    Explains how to run a script by double-clicking a desktop icon.

Running a Script from the Command Line
    Describes the command line  to launch a script execution.

Running a Script by Pressing a Key
    Explains how to run a script every time a key (or a key combination) is pressed.

Handling Playback Errors
    Explains how to resolve typical issues that occur during a script execution

Running a Script in Debug Mode
    Describes WinTask Debugger