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Logging Execution

WinTask can generate a full-detailed log of all actions it performs during the script execution. The full log file contains detailed information about each statement, including the reasons of failure and execution time.

WinTask can generate too a limited log file which reports only your custom entries.

 Video: How to use the Logging features

To log an execution, select the WinTask Configure/Run menu. The Configure Run dialog box is displayed.

Check Log to create a logfile (a text file) each time a script is run.

The default logfile name is name of the current script with the extension ".log" ; it is saved into the default subdirectory "Logs" under the WinTask folder.

If you check Full, all executed statements and all errors are logged in the logfile. If you check Limited, only the functions CommentLogFile and StopLog plus any error are logged into the logfile.

By checking Overwrite file, the logfile is recreated each time a script is run. If not checked, data is appended to the logfile.

After execution, you can open the log file using File/Open Log menu.

If you check the checkbox Suppress Compiler warnings, only the errors are displayed by the Compiler (not the warnings).

If you check the checkbox Put the Editor in the foreground after a Run, the focus returns to the Editor window at the end of a script execution.

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