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Introduction to the Language

WinTask provides a simple but powerful language for automating Windows applications and websites. This language is similar in many respects to the VB™ programming language. As well as the usual programming constructs it provides specialized commands for automating Windows applications and web sites at the user interface level, such as sending keystrokes, mouse clicks, launching websites, capturing data, etc.

The WinTask functions are designed to automate any action that a user can do on his computer. This includes running a program, opening a web page, sending keystrokes to an application, clicking a button, downloading a file, running a database query and much more!

Note to Beginners

WinTask is designed to be very powerful for a programmer, but with WinTask Recording mode, it is still easy to use for Beginners. Recording mode generates all the necessary code in the automation script and it is not necessary to learn the internal syntax of all the WinTask functions.

This section describes the basics of using WinTask Language.

Using Functions
Constants and Variables
Using Arrays
Expressions and Operators
Global and Local Variables
Visibility of Variables
Script Structure