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Handling Errors & Logging

It is possible that sometimes your scripts will fail to replay successfully.  The application or website behavior can differ from what you expected, an unexpected window may appear during the replay, incorrect data are sent, etc.

IMPORTANT: do NOT use Remote desktop when running scripts as it interferes with the interactive session. Since Vista, Windows makes the difference between Window stations and desktops. The interactive window station, Winsta0, is the only window station that can display a user interface or receive user input. It is assigned to the logon session of the interactive user. So when Windows is logged out or locked or when you disconnect from a Remote session, the session still exists but not the interactive window station. So any interactive script that you try to run will fail. And when you minimize a Remote desktop session, the session is locked and so any interactive script stops running properly.
See http://windowssdk.msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms681928.aspx for all the details.
For connecting to a remote PC without interfering with the user desktop, use for example the VNC software.

This section explains how WinTask handles execution errors and gives solutions for the main possible errors.

It explains too the logging features available in WinTask.

Error Handling Overview
Handling Unexpected Windows
Handling Object not found Error
Handling Page Timeout Error
Handling Inacurrate ClickHTMLElement
Handling Incorrect Typing
Handling Pause Error
Logging Execution