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The #FTPTimeout system variable specifies the number of seconds which WinTask should wait before reporting an execution error when it tries to execute a FTP function.


Used to increase the delay before an execution error is reported. For example, if a big file is downloaded from the FTP server to the local machine, the default timeout of 30 seconds will stop the transfer. So before invoking the FTPGetFile function, add a line
 if the file downloads in less than 120 seconds.




<value>, integer, number of seconds for the FTP timeout.


if a FTP function execution is not finished after #FTPTimeout seconds, Error Handling mechanism is used.

The default value for #FTPTimeout is 30 seconds.

If #FTPTimeout is set to 0, WinTask waits forever.

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#FTPTimeout = 5

'This script downloads wintaskdemo.exe from www.wintask.com FTP server (the password is not correct on purpose!).

 #IgnoreErrors=1    'No error is displayed if an execution error occurs
#FTPTimeout=120   'Allow a maximum of 120 seconds for FTP functions execution
FtpConnect("www.wintask.com","ftp","PMJN1563hSWHXFj/CD")   'Connect to the FTP server
ret=FTPGetFile("c:\wttest","/wintaskdemo.exe")  ' Download wintaskdemo.exe from the FTP server and save it under c:\wttest

' Test the return code
if ret=0 then
msgbox("Download done")
msgbox("Increase the timeout")
FtpDisconnect() ' Terminates the FTP connection