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The ClickMouse function simulates a mouse button click at the specified coordinates.


ClickMouse function should be used only if a control within the application cannot be clicked using Click function or SendKeys function (for sending a keyboard shortcut). ClickMouse function is pixel related and dependent on screen resolution.


ClickMouse(left|right|middle, down|up|double, <x>, <y> [, absolute])


left|right|middle, keyword, type of the mouse button to click. Midlle keyword is not generated by Recording mode.

down|up|double, keyword indicating the click action.

<x>,<y>, integer, coordinates of the pixel to click, relative to the topleft point of the current window (unless absolute keyword is specified).

absolute, optional keyword.  If absolute keyword is specified, <x>,<y> are relative to the topleft point of the full screen.

Return value



UseWindow statement is needed before a ClickMouse statement, the click is done within this window. If no window is specified previously by a UseWindow statement, an error message is displayed and script execution stops (unless #IgnoreErrors=1).

When a single click is recorded, two statements are generated :
If you have in a script just one ClickMouse line with Down or Up second parameter, the mouse is in an unstable status and subsequent lines will not replay correctly.

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'Launch notepad
'Type some text
UseWindow("NOTEPAD.EXE|Edit|Untitled - Notepad|1",1)
 SendKeys("ClickMouse Test")
'Click somewhere within the text using Left button
'Click somewhere within the text using Right button - it opens the context menu, select Undo option in the context menu