How to build a data driven Web automate

Automatic Form filling from an external file

WinTask can be used to automatically fill a Web form with the data stored in an external file. Instead of a user manually typing the data in the form, the WinTask script reads the first line of data in the external file, fills the form, clicks Submit, and loops in order to read all the lines.

In the first part of this Tutorial, using Recording mode, we will create a script to automate a manual form filling and then use Variables instead of typing constant values.

  1. Load the website (
  2. Click the Form link to load the Form page
  3. Type dummy data in 3 fields, Name, email and phone
  4. Click Submit button to submit the form
  5. Stop Recording mode
  6. In the generated script, replace constants by variables

Video Part 1: Automatic Form Filling using data read from an Excel file - Part 1

In the second part of this Tutorial, the script skeleton built in Part 1 using Recording mode is modified in order to read the data from an Excel file and process each line of the Excel file through a loop.

The steps are:

  1. Declare the arrays which will contain the data read from the Excel worksheet
  2. Populate the arrays reading the Excel worksheet
  3. Replace the variables by the arrays element
  4. Add the loop with a Repeat...until block, using loop index i, and add the ending condition for the loop
  5. Click Play and watch the different lines of the Excel file typed automatically in the form

Video Part 2: Automatic Form Filling using data read from an Excel file - Part 2