Your first Web Data Extraction script

WinTask Capture Wizard for Data Extraction

Web data extraction is the process of taking data from web pages and converting the unstructured results into an Excel file or a database.

By means of its automatic navigation, WinTask can launch the url to load, send a userid and an encrypted password if it's a secure site, conduct searches, and navigate to the different pages where some field contents are to be extracted.

In the following video, you will see how a WinTask script can be created using Recording mode and Capture wizard to automatize these steps:

  1. Load a web page
  2. Navigate to the page where the data to extract are displayed
  3. Capture some columns from the displayed table
  4. Save them to an Excel worksheet
  5. Click the Internet Explorer Close button

We will then review the script which has been automatically generated by Recording mode/Capture Wizard and click Play for replaying the script just created. Finally we will open the Excel file which contains the extracted data.

Watch the video:

Create your first Data Extraction script